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July 24, 2005

@ The Smallest Minority, What is a right?

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Being new to blogging, I tend to peruse other blogs that tend to speak to my prejudices…

While going through the sidebar at The Smallest Minority, I found an essay that Kevin wrote discussing “rights.”

Now, I know we all have different thoughts on what “Rights” are…
Some think only in terms of what is in the Bill of Rights USC.
Some think that anything they want they have a “Right” to.

I’ve been concidering this a long time.

When I moved from Pensylvania to north east Ohio about 8 years ago, I went down to the local Sheriffs office and inquired about CCW permits.

They looked at me as if I was from Pluto.
In fact, I might as well have been. They asked my if I was carrying a gun, and (duh) I said “No,” ( I only LOOK like a total idiot).
They then informed me that there was no way to carry in Ohio, and that there never would be.

Long story short, I got active.
Became an NRA certified instructor, worked petition drives, got active in my local and county party politics, called my state reps and sens regularly, went to see them both at home and in Columbus.

Ohio now has shall issue CHL.

Some of the rules suck, but better than before.

Any way, Kevin discusses the question “What is a Right?”

He mentions some dictionary defs. and quotes R.A. Heinline in Starship Troopers.
The part of his excelent post that hit me the most was

So, what of the “right to keep and bear arms?” Like all “Rights of the People” the right to arms is a social construct – a declaration by a society of what is “right and proper,” and generally agreed to by the population. A society is, by definition, a group with similar beliefs.

Kevin, as much as I love reading your stuff, here I must take exception.
(Oh, no! that was a “but”).
My “Rights” to arms or any other property (real, money, time, labor, breathing)
are not part of nor subject to ANY SOCIAL CONSTRUCT!

All rights flow from the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT of life.
My rights are only bound by the fence of not infringing on the similar rights of another.

My having a gun in no way infringes another unless and until I invade another persons life I.e. robbing them or some other invasion of their life.
Defensive use of a gun only follows the first law of nature, which is To Survive.

This is going WAY too long.

Rights are that which I can justly say no other person has ANY claim to.

My Life.

Enough for now, This kind of thinking out keyboard is one of the reasons I started this blog.

My head hurts.


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