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November 24, 2005

How does a blog get noticed?

Filed under: Blogging,Humor — steamdragon @ 5:41 am

I don't know.

Does it matter?

What he said.



  1. I could not find where the guy said something about bogging.

    The way for a blog to get noticed is for the blogger to write good blogs, and get the word out on there blog. The best way that I have found is to comment on people’s blogs who say things that are worth of a comment or responce.
    doing that works in 2 ways. First it sparks the interest of the person who’s blog was commented on. (or at least it does with me.) the other way that it works is that people get to see what the commenter’s writing. If they like it, then they follow the link back to the blog and take a look.

    Comment by Eip — April 3, 2006 @ 4:32 am | Reply

  2. I looked… The link IS DEAD fixed… That post was from a few months ago, and I can't remember what Surber said…
    But thanks for commenting (and sparking my interest!) 😉

    Atempting to re-link

    Comment by steamdragon — April 3, 2006 @ 4:50 am | Reply

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