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December 31, 2005

If you haven’t seen it yet,

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Go Here and study just exactly how the commie left has gotten it all wrong.

Summary: “The Iraq War is not going well” is an isolated proposition devoid of supporting evidence (premises) that is unfortunately accepted as true by people on both sides of the debate. For the Left, it is regarded as unassailable Scripture on par with “Bush lies” or “FDR was a great president.” For some inexplicable reason – perhaps a result of relentless media pressure – the Right sheepishly accepts this statement as fact more often than not, only to try and salvage the point by discussing “recent progress in Iraq” or “staying the course.”

Analysis at any level supports a far different proposition: “The Iraq War is going extremely well.” The rules of Logic, informally applied in the following flowchart, demonstrate why.

Aslan has lots of other essays to keep you thinking in a logical manner on his site too. He is in the Blogroll to your left at Logic Times.


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