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February 11, 2006

Three month rotation?

Filed under: Blogging — steamdragon @ 9:02 pm

Somewhere amongst my missing blogroll links, favorites, and bookmarks, I stumbled upon a page whos authors premis was that islam the politic was generating riots and absurdities on a three month rotation.

And he (or she) showed a timeline.

The last of course was the cartoons of which half were fakes never published. I actualy like the bomb in the turban one, it was well done and to the point.

But we’re on a time line, here, and so, riots and splodey-dopes wearing suits by semtex

Wonder what is scheduled for March?

Will Easter be the ignition point of fake “affronts to islam?”


The Danes screwed up.

They passed up a target rich environment, and went home.

Wish I could remember where I saw that post…

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