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March 11, 2006

Open for Discussion

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Can we all agree that words have meaning?
And that the words we use denote what the listener will understand is our point?

I am taking this opportunity to open for discussion, the difference inherent between the words,”Liberty,” and “Freedom.”

I start off with a quote from Jeff Coopers commentaries, v14, #2.

It is an uphill struggle, but I wish that we could distinguish more carefully between freedom and liberty. These conditions are not the same, though they are certainly related. Freedom is the absence of restraint – a physical circumstance. Liberty, on the other hand, is a political situation denoting the lawful capability of the citizen to defend himself and his near and dear without interference from the state. Note that the Declaration of Independence forcibly and particularly establishes the blessings of liberty upon ourselves and our posterity. I like to carry a pocket copy of the Declaration, plus the Constitution, in my travels. It is a good thing to have in hand when discussions arise.

Now, it seems to me that we have a lot of freedom going on around here…
But we are getting a might shy of Liberty.

I also carry a Pocket Constitution. One that I printed up and bound myself.
This little book contains the Constitution for the united States of America, The Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution for the state of Ohio.
As the venerable Mr. Cooper points out, it is invaluable to be able to open it and ask “Where does it say that?” when ‘discussions arrise.’

I welcome all your thoughts in the comments.

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