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March 12, 2006

Browsing my Blogroll

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So it is a slow morning, and I go perusing my blogroll…

In no particular order, we find the Geek with a 45 talking about music

Og seems to be having a bad day. Have a beer and relax Og, Working on a car is the route to insanity.

Babytrollblog (and I) have fired sean hanity (his name no longer deseves to be capitalized). Here’s why.

Captain of a Crew of one gets right to the point. (aside to Sailorcurt: $77.00? You lucky devil!)

Whch is as good a segue as I will ever find. I give you the WORD from the Reverend Billy Bob.

Why do we never see any good news about our military in the me-dia?

Well,well,well. I wonder if David will get a visit from the SWAT team?

An excelent fisking of a power hungry megalomaniac is at gunshow on the net…

Some entries to the blood dancers are found on Ride fast and shoot straight. They accepted John Gotti? Bwahahaha!

Traction Control has a list of news stories from last week that will reassure you our southern border is secu… oh. Never mind.

Mark Tapscott has done a book review. Getting America right by Edwin J. Feulner and Doug Wilson. I will have to get this book.

Mr. Porter is reminding us.

Analog Kid has come up with the ultimate bumper sticker. I’m SEALING IT! There it is! top right.

Aslan throws a bucket of cold water on the Hollywood Elite.
Oh, If you haven’t heared yet, Milosovik died.


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