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March 30, 2006

How about YOU?

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Over at IMAO, the question has been asked, "What would it take to get you to attend a protest rally?"

Well, there are some nice suggestions listed, but…

If I find one around me, I ALWAYS ATTEND! I go for the same reason most guys did back in the sixties.However, I tell every cute woman I can that the only reason I'm there, just like every other guy, is to get laid, and ask if they would accommodate me.

This does lead to a great deal of fun, and tends to annoy some that I like to annoy.

I DO have a good "duck" reflex.

Last year (2005), at Kent State, I went around asking wimmen to show me their endowment. 1 out of 7 flashed their breasts at me. And this was AFTER I told them the only reason I was there. 

Of course, I would never follow up on any offers from those women, for two main reasons.

One: My wife is a MUCH better shot than I am,, and

Two: God only knows what deadly diseases those peace mongers are harbouring. I do NOT want to find out.

Cute university girls showing their built in temperature indicators is always fun, though, so I attend. 


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