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April 22, 2006

From the Sandbox

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If you scroll down to the bottom of my Blogroll, you will see a new catagory.

Not from the Green Zone.

These are blogs of embedded reporters, 'Over there.'

Somehow the stories on these sites are different than what I read in my local paper.

To borrow a quote, "I wonder why is this is?"

Paired with the Milblog wire feed, this adds to the resources needed to get to the truth of the WOT.

We ARE winning!

They are whining 



  1. My experiences over there were the same. Without delving into the deep details, I felt as if I were in a totally different Iraq than the one being reported about. Are there two Iraq’s? And, as always, I give great credit to the patriots in the Iraqi Army. They showed great growth during my time there, and are fighting the hard battle of true patriots.

    Comment by Jared McLaughlin — April 22, 2006 @ 8:15 pm | Reply

  2. Sir, I can only say, Thank You for your service.

    Yes, I do believe there ARE two Iraqs. The one in the real world, that we rarely hear about, and the fantasy one that lives only in the minds and on the pages of our me-dia.

    My preference is towards the real world.

    The saddest day on my life was Sept 12, 2001, when the recruiter said I was too old and out of shape.
    So the only service left I can perform is Honor Guard at the funerals.

    Twice, now there have been "protesters." There's a reason we are not allowed to fix bayonets…

    Comment by steamdragon — April 22, 2006 @ 8:59 pm | Reply

  3. I would not despair so much of your inability to perform military service. There are many ways to serve the nation, one of which I would posit you already do: namely you excercise your right to free speech. Rights are much like muscles, and when not exercised become lame. That was one point I noticed about normal Iraqi’s. They were not accustomed to the free execise of their natural rights, and as such, were ignorant of how to do so at times, or even that they should do so. I think this is a lesson they are learning. One of the things that really made my deployment worth while was to see a man marching down the main highway with a very large Iraqi flying from a pole he carried. When we asked him his intent, he stated he was marching it to Baghdad, a distance of several hundred miles, because he was happy to be an Iraqi. That sort of patriotism is very pleasurable to me.

    Comment by Jared McLaughlin — April 22, 2006 @ 9:43 pm | Reply

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