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April 23, 2006

Wandering down the blogroll.

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Well, I don't feel strongly enough about any given thing to manage anything new to say, so let's go and see what others are saying…

Alpha Patriot has an excelent post on the "high energy prices" and what to do

JTHunter, over on the Beagle Express, shares a Farmers Tale of Government in Action.

ALa tells us how to turn $0.01 into $1000.00! Hell that's better than !Hillary! playing cattle futures…

Ohmunicabben for sure. Thanks, ladies!

My thanks go to Sailor Curt for the introduction to the Patriot Guard Riders, That I've just joined.

David Drake thinks the FDA is skewing data to make its decisssions. I think he's right.

Have you been Expelled lately? (NSFW)

Roger shows us the new DNC statue.

From theGrandstand goes and makes us think some more. You folksies realy should be reading his blog, not waiting for me to tell you about it.

Geek with a 45 weighs in on treaties. Oh, he's right, by the way. Just thought I'd mention that.

Gotta go to the range for a work party.

I will try and continue the stroll later.


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