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May 20, 2006

Honor & Respect

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Today, I went for a ride…

Oh, Thats been done.


Today, in Canton Ohio, there was a dedication cerimony for the new Medal of Honor Memorial.

Rolling Thunder, and others, (including me) made a short 3 mile run from the local Harley dealership to the site of the memorial.

Before we started, I took a shot of the line.

I wish I knew Gunnies' name… (Where's your cover, Gunnie?) He caught hell for that from a BUNCH of marines…

Warning, Lots of graphics. Clicking the more link might take a while.

Local police provided escort, and there were no problems on the run.

This bike caught my eye as soon as we arrived.

And a closeup shows why.

This bike is a daily ride…

When I spotted these guys, I knew something was up…


Not my favorite view of a cannon…

Ah, this is better.


I just love the smell of black powder in the morning…

There were 5 different honor guards, present, which made for 105 gun salute. 106 if you count the cannon…

I didn't get a single decent pic of any of them. The lighting just didn't play well with my camera. That and the fact that I'm just starting to learn how to use it…

But this is why we were all there.

That is the only fair shot I got of the monument, in spite of taking 14 shots. Polished granit isn't easy.

Local press photographer shot 6 rolls, and I don't think he was pleased with any, judging by the look on his face.

Anyway, except for having to listen to all the politicians, it was a preaty good morning, and I now have a Memorial to visit that I can be proud of.

Once the grass comes back, and the granit facings are on the surrounding walls, I'll have to go take some more pics.

I wore my Patriot Rider armband, for this excursion, and handed out a dozen dozen fliers. All requested by the way.

And I didn't see a single one blowing around.

I do believe that the public at large likes what the Guard is doing with the missions of respect.

That is unbelievably satisfying.

I'm basicaly using this post to see how these pics look on the web.


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