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September 3, 2006

Paradigm Shift time

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I’ve noticed a lot of “hubba hubba” in the blogosphere this last couple of days.

Every one from David Hardy, to the Clairmont Institute is in a froth over the United Nations recent issuance of a report that  denigrates self defense.

Folksies, we all must remember that the United Nations has and wants nothing to do with the people of any country. They don’t represent the people nor do they want to.

The U.N. is and was formed to protect member governments.

And the people are usualy the ones the U.N. protects those governments from.

If you keep that in mind, you won’t have to ask “What has the U.N. done for _____?” when it is the government of a given country killing its own people.

Or killing the people of a different country when that countries government wants those people dead (Darfur, anyone?).

The U.N. protects governments, and resists forced changes in those governments.

When you keep that paradigm in mind, all the actions of the U.N. become rather clear.

So does their goal of replacing every countrys government with themselves.

It also explains why Bill (the rapist) Clinton wants to replace Coughing Anus when the time comes.

He wants to be King of the World.


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