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October 29, 2006

Lost has been Found.

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A while back, I posted about a lost veteren.

Well, he’s been found.

Thank You Lord.

And Thank all of you that have said a prayer for Gary Jones

From the PGR web forum on the 16th of October.

Fabulous news from the mother of this HERO!~!

Hello everyone I once again want to thank everyone for all the prayers you have been saying for Garry they sure have worked!!!! I got ahold of a group Veterans of America and was put in contact with a very nice young lady, a desert storm veteran who was on her way out of town she told me as soon as she arrived back next Wed night they would be able to help Garry.

Well I guess after some thinking about an hour later I got a phone call from a wonderful man named Skip, he asked me if i knew exactly where Garry was staying in the woods that himself and two other guys were going to get Garry and tell him what they could offer him,a job,a place to sleep,school it was like I was dreaming well in the mean time I talked to Garry he decided he would just meet them in front of the Kmart that was near by I got a call from Garry around 3:30pm est that Garry was with these gentlemen, all vietnam vets.

He packed up his tent and was trying to decide when I last talked to him if he was going to go stay at Skips house or sleep on a cot in the office. Garrys military ID and Ohio driver licence was stolen this past Monday but this nice gentlemen is going to take Garry Monday morning to get a new ID and let him see what they have to offer.

I got the greatest e-mail from this gentlemen in the subject line was typed “MISSING SON” in the e-mail itself he wrote Janice your son is no longer missing or homeless here is his address and phone number you can send him thing if you like (this is this gentlemens home addy and phone) I
tell you this man is a blessing in disguise he told me no other organization exsist like this except for in the state of Washington. He did say New Jersey was trying to start up a group Please continue to pray for Garry that he now can make the decisions he needs to make

Welcome all newbies I have been reading my mail but have been so consumed with trying to get myself the help he needs I pray for you and all your soldiers wherever they maybe thanks again


Yeah, I know… two weeks ago.

That’s what happens when you have to change addresses.

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