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December 10, 2006

Trying to figure out what bothers me about it.

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Or at least put into words what that wrong feeling is.

David has posted about one of the targets of NYC Mayor Bloom(ing idiot)bergs anti gun crusade rolling over.

(Yes that senence is poorly phrased)

Let’s review, shall we?

Guns come into NYC.

This is illegal.

Cops discover and confiscate said guns.

Guns are traced to out of (NY) state stores.

NYC Mayor sends investigators to said stores to illegally purchase guns.

Said investigators lie on federal forms (a felony).

Purchase said firearms (a felony).

Transport said firearms to NYC (a felony).

So the Mayor of NYC prosecutes a suit against the STORE OWNER?

There is just so much of this that is just plain wrong, that I’ve been having a hard time just coming up with the right questions to ask.

And as we all know, the answer you get is determined by the just that.

Questions like, “By what authority can the Mayor of NYC conspire to violate federal law and not be prosecuted?”
In fact, ‘Conspericy’ itself is a federal crime.
“How is it that these ‘investigators’ are not in jail for violating federal firearms law?”
They have confessed in open court (I assume) to those felonies… (During the trials of those stores)
“Where does the (Un-indicted) mayor of NYC get the authority to investigate a crime supposedly committed outside his city limits (much less his STATE boundaries)?”
Why are the “Un-indicted, self professed Co-conspirators” not being prosecuted for weapons violations they committed in those states they traveled through. Maryland, and Massachusetts for example?”
Where is the BATFE in all this? Don’t they have more and better guns than the mayor of NYC?

Was this plan set up by the BATFE in the first place?

I think (I may be wrong) the base question amounts to jurisdiction.

Just how,exactly is it that these store owners come under NYC jurisdiction?

And if these store owners ARE under NYC jurisdiction, how are you (and I) not?

The worst part of all this is, I am certain I have not yet figured out the right questions to ask.

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