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December 13, 2006

Republican loss

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Tom Delay now has a blog.

This is a can be a good thing.

If he pays attention to what people are saying to him in comments and links.

John Hawkins from Right Wing News has a guest post up about why the Republican party did so poorly last November.

He makes a lot of good points. But he misses a few, too.

I’d like to take this opportunity to add a few reasons I have learned both for myself, and from my neighbors.

After the Perot fiasco, a lot of libertarian leaning folks were recruited into the party. They believed in the Reagan model of smaller Gov’t. and lower taxes.

Well, by “running to center” after the left has drug that ‘center’ so far left, they felt more than abandoned. They felt snubbed.

So do those of us that just lean right. And for the same reason.

When we try to tell a Rep or a Sen our concerns, we get told to “Run along, and let the adults handle this.”


We supported the party this last November to the exact extent that the party has supported us, this past 4 years.

Other points we feel ignored?

  • Illegal immigration.
  • Border security
  • WINNING the war on terror
  • Making tax cuts permanent
  • Leaving President Bush to twist in the wind of Democrat attacks.
  • Abandoning the base (except for those fund-raising letters)
  • Hell from down here in the grass roots, it feels like y’all SCREWED the base. On purpose!
  • Didn’t keep the RINOs in line (WE had to boot DeWine’s ass out)(Gang of 14 …)
  • NO leadership for the local guy from ANY level of the party. National, State, or County.
  • Abandoning the war of words letting the Dems make all the definitions.
  • Tossing to the wolves any of the strong members that showed ANY leadership at the first sign of trouble. Tom Delay being the prime -but not only- example. Ask Newt.
  • Acting like the majority we worked SO FRICKEN HARD to make, (House,Senate,AND the White House, fer crying out loud!) needed permission from the other side just to go to the bathroom.
  • HINT, fill the ammendment tree before letting a bill out of committee. Duh!
  • If they want to filibuster make ’em stand up and start talking. as soon as they stop, call the vote. You can bet Reid won’t take any filibuster threat seriously.
  • STOP ROLLING OVER FOR THE PRESS! They will NEVER like you. They are your (and our) enemy just as much as Al-quida.
  • Stop acting like a bunch of pussies. Murtha should have been bitch slapped right there on the floor.
  • Give US the reasons and the ammunition we need to fight for you! We WANT to help!

I will say this much, the Democrats knew how to run a majority.

I remember committee meetings where republican members were excluded.

I just hope the’ve forgotten.

Give us strong conservative, no, strong Reagan conservatives to vote for, and we’ll do our part.

But piss on us and try to say it’s raining, well…

Fool me twice, shame on me. I say “Bye bye! I’m staying home.”

I hope Tom Delay reads this. He’s one of those strong leaders the party needs.

So is Rick Santorum.



  1. Amen. Most especially galling to me was the “Acting like the majority we worked SO FRICKEN HARD to make, (House,Senate,AND the White House, fer crying out loud!) needed permission from the other side just to go to the bathroom.” mindset. The Repubs were in charge, they should have shown some leadership.

    “HINT, fill the ammendment tree before letting a bill out of committee. Duh!”
    I’m not sure I’m clear on what this means. What exactly is the amendment tree?

    I’m from the Youngstown area; it’s always fun to read a blogger from my neck of the woods, especially a gun owner.

    Comment by Les Nessman — December 31, 2006 @ 2:50 pm | Reply

  2. Lemme ‘splain as best I can…

    Ammendment trees work like this.
    A bill is concidered by the committee, and they agree it should go to the floor for a vote.
    The committee chairman should know exactly what the vote is going to be before he ever lets the bill be discussed.

    So he knows that this bill (whatever it is) will pass the commitee vote.

    He also knows that the opposition wants to tag some things on to the bill (riders) by ammendment that he or we don’t want.

    Rules say there can only be X numbers of ammendments. ( I think it is 8, but I’m not sure)

    So, before calling the vote in committee, he proposes realy ridiculous ammendments.
    Things like Name the bill “Marry Popins”
    Committee votes down the ammendment.
    proposes another, adding 47 cents to the budget if their staff, they vote and pass it, That’s 2

    Six more trivial ammendments, and the “tree” is filled.
    Then they pass it out of committee to the floor and no further ammendments can be offered from the floor, because the “tree” is already filled.

    No further changes can be made vote up or down.

    At least this is the way I understand the concept. I could be wrong…

    Then again, who knew Turkies can’t fly?

    Comment by steamdragon — December 31, 2006 @ 10:11 pm | Reply

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