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February 23, 2007

Open note to Mr. Zumbo

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Looks like you are learning the lesson that a lot of Republicans learned in Nov.’06.
We will no longer stand for a trusted ally betraying us in the least.
Don’t bother with the apologies.
We now know now how you REALY feel.
Statements like “I can’t believe I used the words ban…” just don’t ring true.
You are sorry you spoke, not sorry you believe some OTHER segment of the shooting culture should be outlawed.

Dude, you stuck a fork in yourself, and you are done.

UPDATE: Oh for the love of…

Now he’s a VERB! 

Although TG has a good point there at the end…

I was going to post links to what other bloggers like David Codrea and Jim Shepard had to say, but Lord have mercy, there is just no way to keep up!

People, Save some of that passion for your congress critters. They need to hear from you too.

Go to their local office and express your feelings POLITELY to the poor wretch that is sitting at the desk, asking them to represent your feelings about the thought of banning ANY GUN OF ANY KIND.

Let your passion show, but – most important – BE POLITE!

Then follow up with an e-mail thanking the critter and repeating your points.

Follow that with a HAND WRITTEN LETTER to him/her. Just write the same message as your e-mail.

Let him /her know that your support in the future is dependant on his/her working against any further restrictions, not just a ‘nay’ when it comes time for the vote.

As others have pointed out, Zumbo has shown us what we can do. Now we need to re-direct that energy where it can do the most good.

Keeping OUR government employees in line.

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