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February 24, 2007

Will they notice?

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Just a week ago, Jim Zumbo (as Tam put it) put his put his word processor in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

The shit-storm (I don’t know what else to call it) hit category 5 within 12 hours.
It was MUCH more devestating than Katrina was to the gulf coast.

But it was an enlightenment to gun owners, and all americans, too. Even if they don’t yet realize it.

Much as conservatives latched onto Rush Limbaugh 18 years ago, and raised his ratings and listenership like a Saturn 5 rocket to #1 in just a few months, gun owners -ALL gun owners – have been shown what can happen if we just speak with one voice.
We are NOT just a bunch of small voices screaming into the dark.

Will the Republican party notice?
The Republican party lost control in 2006, not because we abandoned them, but because the party forgot who the base is.
So the base FIRED them.
We haven’t abandoned them, and If the county and state partiy leadership can get their heads out of their collective asses, we will prove it in the primaries and general elections in ’08.

The Republican party should treat what happened to Mr. Zumbo as a learning experience.
It is EXACTLY the same as what happened in ’06 to the party.

A MESSAGE was delivered. Shit on us and you’re fired.
Jim Zumbu was fired over the course of three days.
Due to the constraints of election cycles, the RINO’s were fired over the course of 2 years.
If we are given the right candidates, the Republicans will be returned to the majority in ’08.
If they don’t give us the right candidates, they won’t.

See the quote from George Washington at the top of my side bar?

While it has reduced to a strong tropical storm, hurricane Zumbo is still there just waiting to gain energy and wreak more havoc.
The Sleeping Giant has awoken, had the morning cup and is now getting down to business.
It is not just the gun owners.
It is every one that wants -for lack of a better term – the real America, back.

Hurricane Zumbo shows that changes can be made.

Without “pressing the reset button on the Constitution.”

Will they notice?

I say that depends on us.

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