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March 5, 2007

Here they come.

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Last Saturday, the drum beat staeted in the “main stream” media over Jim Zumbo committing career suicide.
Needless to say, The New York Times puts a different spin on it all.

Here’s the last part of what Jim Shepard from Outdoor Wire has to say about the editorial.

… It is, however, the first editorial of many others to come. In each, proponents of gun control (I prefer the term “public disarmament”) will notice what happened to Jim Zumbo and call firearms owners – all firearms owners – into question.

When that happens, we can expect several other things to happen in rapid succession:

– all firearms owners will be labeled as intolerant, ranting paranoids – not just the many writers of web postings that were ranting. (Note: my speech can be “colorful” – like a drill instructor – but it is not always necessary to use obscenity, vulgarity and personal attacks to make a point).

– The Zumbo Affair will become yet an often cited episode used to illustrate the “evil power and absolute sway the National Rifle Association holds over the many of mindless gun owners held under their unshakable sway”. (Note: this is an example of literary hyperbole, I am not calling the NRA evil or all gun owners mindless – I am a gun owner.)

Everyone’s personal feelings aside, we have not yet begun to feel the full impact of that 250-word blog. Some of you believe this whole sad episode has been blown completely out of proportion. Others feel it should have been handled privately, almost as a “family matter.” I believe there was no other way to deal with this matter, although I agree the personal attacks were decidedly not our finest hour as hunters, shooters or outdoors enthusiasts.

But there is no room for compromise with those whose ideologies are diametrically opposed to gun ownership. Their goal is simple: public disarmament, ala the European countries they so admire for their “progressiveness” on such issues. Those same countries where shotgun owners send plaintiff requests for examples of pump shotguns being used in competitions because their “authorities” are questioning the “need” for pump shotguns. Semiautomatics in any configuration, gauge or color, are already against the rules, along with handguns and most forms of rifles.

For those of you who feel I’m exaggerating, I invite you to put this little bit of writing away for, say, six months. Then read it again.
— Jim Shepherd

I tend to agree.

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