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May 20, 2007

She’s Baaaack…

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Now, I vastly admire Bill Whittle.
He is one smart guy.
That doesn’t meen I agree with him all the time, but I DEFINATELY enjoy reading his essays.
They make me think outside the box.

Way back in Netscape 1.2 days there was a lady blogger that I occasionally read.
You old timers will remember Rachel Lucas.,,
She never was very PC.
That made for a fun read.
Well, it turns out that she was the one that got Bill started in weBlogging (the old name)
Then she just evaporated…
Went away, even.

Well, with this post at Bills’ site, Rachel has announced the Grand Return of the Queen, complete with a New Castle!

Rachel also informs us that she has developed a certain “don’t give a sh!t what you think if you dis-agree” attitude…
Hmm, like she did before?

If you’ve never read Rachels’ stuff before, you’ll be in for a treat if she ever gets the old posts back up…
If she doesn’t, you just won’t know what you missed.


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