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July 31, 2007

Is This the Root Cause?

Filed under: Blogging,Politics — steamdragon @ 5:41 am

Could it be?

Does it explain why the Dhimmocrats so revile Republicans?

Why Shmuckyhumer has his panties in a knot over the replcement of 8 U.S. Attournies?

This  entry on the Opinion Journal is about vote fraud.

The money quote:

Sen. Leahy and other liberals are busy dismissing concerns about voter fraud, no doubt in an effort to make certain the Justice Department drops the issue as a priority before the 2008 election. But the blunders and politicization of parts of the Bush Justice Department notwithstanding, voter fraud deserves to be investigated and prosecuted. The Justice Department may be dysfunctional and poorly led, but the Democratic Congress seems more interested in paralyzing its activities than helping to fix the problem.


Just might be.

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