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November 21, 2007

SCOTUS to Hear Heller (was Parker)

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I know,
You already knew that.

Well, I am blogging in an attempt to answer a question that is comming at me from both sides if the issue.

“What if they rule against us?”

Now, from com uh, Liberals, I just say, so what? Your side never follows the rules anyway.

From patriots, I say simply take heart. For at least we will know what the job is.

Personaly, I think the court wouldn’t have granted cert AND re-wrote the question if they had not already figured out what they are going to say.
What that will be, I can only hope like all of you.

In parting, I offer these words of wisdom…
In his thre volume tomb, The Supreme Court in United states History, Charles Warren reminds us -and I hope the SCOTUS remembers-

However the court may interpret the provisions of the Constitution, it is still the Constitution which is the law, and not the decision of the court.

Personaly, I keep those words in mind whenever I hear a com uh, liberal quoting a SCOTUS decision.


Yes, I bought ammo the 15th

1k .22

500 9mm

100 .45

840 en block .30-06

So much for my Christmas bonus.

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