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November 28, 2007

This is why

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In spite of everything America-Haters (You know who you are, and so do we)can do to drag us down,
This young lady is an example of why we win.

ESPN High School has her story. Claire is a long-distance runner, and her high school cross country team was competing at the state finals. In the video, you’ll see her fall — this is where her left tibia broke. She gets up, and tries to continue running, causing her fibula to snap. Instead of giving up, however, she crawled to the finish line, determined to finish the race.

Go read, and watch the video. I will wait.

I ran cross country in H.S.

I don’t care what the “jocks” say, x-country is just about the toughest run there is.

Self pride is about the only reward, because ultimately, in a field of 3-500 runners, you are competing only with yourself.


Good on you, Clair!

You did it.

And THAT makes you an example of why America will always win.

Americans keep going.

Found at Wizbang  

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