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June 16, 2008

You Know I Hate Memes, Right?

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So let us not call this a meme.

Tam is helping feed the frenzy about the B’HO to give his 1ntarw3bz politzi something to do.

I think we should all help her.

Even though she never asked…

Spread the word.

The more the merrier, after all.

Oh, I have one!

It may only be a rumor, but I have found no information to prove it wrong.

That B’HO gave oral sex to Je$$e Jerk$0n to gain support in their home town in B’HOs presidential bid.

Mich33ll3 refused to kiss him, but gave B’HO another fist bump… And told him to wipe his chin.

Je$$e graciously came and gave B’HO a ringing endorsement.

I’ll not tag anyone…

But if you do such a post of your own, could you please point back at me?

Thanks, Y’all!


BHO is just like Carter.

Now, some of us are old enough to remember the Carter years.

If you were born (hatched what ever) after -oh, say- 1962, go ask your parents or grand parents what the early 1970’s were like.

I do NOT want to go through that shit again.

And the more I hear from B-ho, the more it sounds it would be like Jimmy Carters second term.

Gas lines.

Oh, the price was not too bad, just there was none.

No money, because inflation took it all.

No thanks, Obama. Keep the change.

You and that ungrateful socialist communistic slut you -what, married? Screwed, sure… IF those really are your kids.


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